agosto 22, 2015

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures... 
Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland 

Photography by Mom and me.

Hacer escapadas, por mínimas que sean a veces, esta bien. Simplemente para observar la inmensidad del mar, o las para ver las dunas de arena que se forman en algún lugar. Si no puedes viajar lejos, simplemente coger el coche una tarde y perderte. 

Make getaways, although they are fast, sometimes feels good. Just to observe the immensity of the sea, or to see the sand dunes that form somewhere. If you can not travel far, just take the car one afternoon and miss.

I am wearing:
H&M - High Waist Denim Pants
Choies - Lace Shirt
SuitBlanco - Kimono
Primark - Necklace

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